NEW YEAR CHALLENGE RE-TEST WEEK! Coaches will take your new measurements Weds-Fri!

Monday 2/18

A) Run 1 mile for time (record for challenge)

B) On the 4:00 x 6 Rounds:
12 Alt DB/KB Snatches 
12 Burpees Over Dumbbell 
12 Shuttle Sprints (NOT SHUTTLE JOGS!)

D1: 53/35

D2: 35/26

D3: 26/18

OPTIONAL CASH OUT: Weighted Plank 3x30s (as heavy as possible!)

Tuesday 2/19

A) Strict Pull-ups (Or chin-ups) – Find Max Set (record for challenge)

B) Bench Press: 5×5 (work to heaviest set of 5)


Two-arm DB/KB Row 5×8

C) “Baseline”

For time:

Run x400m

Air Squat x40

Sit-up x30

Push-up x20

Pull-up x10

(Record result for challenge – do same variation as start of challenge!)

OPTIONAL CASH OUT: Barbell Bicep Curl 3×10

Wednesday 2/20

A) Hang Squat Clean x2 + Jerk x1: Work to heaviest possible

B) AMRAP in 18 min:

Power Clean x9

Handstand Push-up or Pike push-up x12

Double-under x40

D1: 115/80

D2: 95/65

D3: 75/45

OPTIONAL CASH OUT: 3 rounds of – 

Bicycle x30 (15ea)

Heel Taps x30 (15ea)

Crunches x30


Thursday 2/21

A) Back Squat – Find 1RM (record for challenge)

B) Weighted sit-ups, accumulate 30 reps in as few sets as possible (hold weight on crown/back-top of head). If you were able to do 30 without stopping last week, go up in weight.

C) For Time:

150 Wallball Shots

D1: 20/14

D2: 14/10

D3: 10/6

Friday 2/22

A) Deadlift – Find 1RM (record for challenge)

B) 5 rounds, NOT for time:

Barbell Rollout x10

Single-leg, single-arm DB/KB RDL x10ea (db/kb in opposite and of planted foot)

DB Front Raise x10

DB Rear Delt Fly x10

Athletes select appropriate weights